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Your Homeowners Policy Does Not Cover

Trust your home to your homeowners policy, but trust your jewelry to the jewelry insurance specialists.

AB&L understands what jewelry means to you. We know how exciting owning jewelry is, and we also know how painful a jewelry loss can be.
If you ever experience a loss, we’ll be there to work with you and your jeweler to make you whole again.
Types of jewelry you can insure

We now offer insurance to cover all types of jewelry. Engagement rings are insured most often, but accompanying wedding bands should be protected also.
We cover all other types of jewelry as well, including, but not limited to:
Smart jewelry
We also cover loose stones while they are being set by your jeweler. This is important if you purchase your stone elsewhere and then work with your jeweler to set it.
What’s covered

Regardless of the type of jewelry you insure, it’s all covered for the same perils:

Maybe you left your ring on your beach towel or you took it off to wash your hands and now you can’t find it. These types of situations are covered under loss.

If your jewelry is stolen, that’s covered, too.

Direct damage, like hitting your diamond on the edge of a table and cracking it, as well as other types of repair like loose gemstones or damaged prongs, are all covered.
Mysterious disappearance

If you lose your jewelry, but don’t know exactly how or when, that’s still covered.
Cost of coverage

Rates depend on where you live, but our insurance typically costs only 1-2% of the jewelry’s value.
Coverage features

Worldwide coverage

While the home addresses of both the jewelry wearer and applicant, if different, need to be in the United States or Canada*, our coverage travels with you worldwide.
Whether you travel to another state or province within the U.S. or Canada, or to another country, you are still covered for all the same perils you would be at home.

Same kind and quality

If you need your jewelry repaired or replaced, you can expect to get back an item of the same kind and quality as the original. This is especially important when you have name-brand jewelry, such as Cartier® or Harry Winston®.
Choose your own jeweler

Many homeowners and renters policies may request customers to use jewelry repair or replacement companies within their network, or to obtain several estimates before proceeding with a claim.
We do not require multiple estimates and we work with your own trusted jeweler.
Automatic coverage

Current customers enjoy up to 30 days of automatic coverage (up to $10,000) on newly acquired jewelry items. This provides peace of mind for spontaneous purchases.
We also offer different coverage options for jewelry you only wear for special occasions and for unscheduled jewelry not specifically listed in your policy.
No deductible option

The loss, damage, or theft of a treasured piece of jewelry shouldn’t force you to dig into your own wallet to repair or replace it. Every policy is available with a $0 deductible option.
Check out more info in our no-obligation free brochure for full coverage details.