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In Home Individual Consultation


The ultimate in personal service:

The AB&L In-Home Consultation. For sellers with larger quantities of gold, silver, platinum and other valuables, AB&L Individual Consultation is the perfect solution.

How the AB&L Individual Consultation works

Assemble all your unwanted gold and sterling silver jewelry, silver or gold coins, silver or gold bars, sterling silver flatware and hollow ware or platinum. Call us to book an AB&L Individual Consultation at your own home, office, or at the safety deposit vault of your bank. An AB&L professional evaluates each item and determines its value. If you are ready to proceed, the evaluator will conclude the transaction immediately.

Why You Should Choose the AB&L Individual Service

AB&L was established to bring a new standard of transparency and fairness to the gold buying business. The principals at AB&L have well over 50 years’ experience in this industry. AB&L simply has the most spotless record for fairness, transparency and experience in the gold buying business . CONFIDENTIALLY is always maintained.

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