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Gold Parties

Hold An Asset Brokers & Loans Gold Party and earn cash for the Host or your non-profit organization!

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Invite your friends to bring their old gold and silver:

  • Diamonds, gold and sterling silver jewelry
  • Gold and silver coins
  • Silver or gold bars
  • Sterling silver flatware or hollow ware

An Asset Brokers & Loans professional will attend to evaluate each item your guests bring, determine its value, and offer to buy the item on the spot.

Locations and Special Events

We do gold parties at your home, at your office or other venue. Businesses can use a Asset Brokers & Loans Gold Party as a customer appreciation event.

Why You Should Choose the Asset Brokers & Loans Gold Party Service

Asset Brokers & Loans was established to bring a new standard of transparency and fairness to the gold buying business. The principals at Asset Brokers & Loans have well over 50 years’ experience in this industry. Asset Brokers & Loans simply has the most spotless record for fairness, transparency and experience in the gold buying business. Learn how you can earn money as a host or as a fundraiser by booking a Party Today !!

How to Book

If you or any of your family, friends or contacts would like to host a gold party or have any questions and would like to discuss it… please contact us directly at 989-631-9080 or email us at