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How many fundraising projects actually have the ability to pay the donor?

That’s right; donors get paid for their unwanted jewelry. They can also choose to donate all proceeds in lieu of payment.

Your organization is paid the profits immediately so you can put the money to work on your important projects.

Our fundraisers work because they are so simple. People give to people. Everyone has unwanted jewelry. Your organization simply collects donated jewelry or has the donors come into AB&L. That’s working smarter – not harder!

AB&L will show you how this fundraiser will reach beyond your current network and produce residual income for years to come!

AB&L has helped organizations and churches generate funds for projects. You could have your members drop by the store to donate unwanted jewelry  items or coins and we could issue them a “giving receipt”. Or we could arrange for items to be dropped at your organization and then picked up from there. We guarantee 100% of the proceeds for the items. AB&L will help your organization market the fundraiser. What we would get out of it is pleasure, name exposure, and perhaps new customers.   Be blessed.