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Estate Services

Of the many services we perform, Asset Brokers & Loans is dedicated to the acquisition and the brokering of estate jewelry. Whether large or small, modern or antique, we can purchase the whole or partial jewelry estate. We are also prepared to help you maximize the value of any estate that you may be involved with liquidating.  Recognizing the inherent value of such pieces requires a combination of expert knowledge, financial resources, and a level of expertise found at Asset Brokers & Loans that comes with a combined 60 years of Jewelry experience. All appraisals and purchases are discreet and confidential. We also have resources to broker your jewelry outside our area. Our team is available to meet privately at your office, or in the secure privacy of our offices. For additional information please contact us at 989-631-9080 or email us at

For Trustees or Estate Executors:

Obtain accurate appraisals and liquidate gold, silver, platinum, coins and other valuables. The Asset Brokers & Loans Estate and Trustee Service offers private consultations to evaluate and purchase your collection.

How the Asset Brokers & Loans Estate and Trustee Service works

Assemble the estate’s gold and sterling silver jewelry, silver or gold coins, silver or gold bars, sterling silver flatware and hollow ware or platinum. Book an AB&L consultant to attend at a private home, office or at the safety deposit vault of your bank. An AB&L professional evaluates each item and determines its value. If you are ready to proceed, the evaluator will conclude the transaction immediately.

Why You Should Choose the AB&L Estate and Trustee Service

Asset Brokers & Loans was established to bring a new standard of transparency and fairness to the gold buying business. The principals at AB&L have well over 60 years’ experience in this industry. AB&L simply has the most spotless record for fairness, transparency and experience in the gold buying business. Learn more about AB&L and the people behind it.

Book an Estate and Trustee Evaluation

Call us at 989-631-9080 or email at to arrange a convenient time for your consultation.