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Why Have an ABL Fundraiser

♦ Work Smarter, not harder!
♦ People Give to People
♦ No Selling
♦ Easy to ask
♦ Donors can be approached by mail or e-mail, making it is easy to expand
your reach
♦ Unlimited reach – go beyond your current network
♦ No Begging – donors can get more out of it than the organization
♦ Potential for large donor gifts
♦ Develops excellent donor relationships for future giving
♦ No products to store or fuss with
♦ Organization receives a higher percent of revenue generated
♦ No up-front fees
♦ Less is best – focus on large returns from limited efforts
♦ This is not a nickel-and-dime fundraiser!
♦ Your organization’s mission benefits from the revenues that are generated
♦ Easy program to administer
♦ AB&L is an experienced and reputable company
♦ Why invest hundreds of volunteer hours?
♦ More fun means less burnout!
♦ Everyone has unwanted jewelry
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