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Why Buy Jewelry from AB&L?

90% of the jewelry and scrap that we purchase is refined, the other 10% is just too new, to pristine, too unique, too beautiful, or antique.  

remember….even the Queen of England wears “used jewelry”. And who wouldn’t want the “used” Hope Diamond?

Re-used Jewelry has a history! It brings its own legends with it and gives you a chance to add to it.  New jewelry has sentiment only to the purchaser, reused has generations.  What would you rather wear for your wedding and hand down to your daughter for her’s? A brand new necklace or one that had been worn by you, your mother, and her mother?

Older pieces come from an elegant era long gone. A time of classic beauty. Where men wore tuxedos and women wore gowns. Old costume jewelry has history. Some pieces are 60 or more years old. Who knows what movie star or singer wore one of our pieces that we have now. Maybe Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, or Doris Day. They are re-usable because they can still be worn in style today.

Look at a stand of rhinestone pins in a department store, and you will most likely notice some which have already lost some stones, before wearing! That is not the case with vintage jewelry: they have been ‘test driven’ and if they have lasted this long, they will probably last many more years to come.

It is easier to express your personal style with items from previous eras, and you can make a statement saying ‘I love art deco’ or ‘The Seventies were Groovy!’ by wearing jewelry from that period.

Vintage jewelry is actually an investment, whereas buying new mass produced jewelry is just money down the drain. New jewelry from the “BIG BOX” stores is marked–up nearly 400% !!  AB&L sells jewelry at unbelievable prices compared to the Big Boys. And get this: those diamonds they are selling you are usually poor quality, stuff that AB&L would be embarrassed to sell.

The workmanship of newer pieces cannot compare to that of vintage or antique jewelry. Alot of times Vintage jewelry are almost one of a kind…or close to it. Personally….when I wear a vintage piece and get lots of compliments….I wonder if the original owner did too. It makes me wonder what kind of person loved it before me….their lifestyle, their background, their dreams. I feel, vintage jewelry is the true BLING of yesterday.

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If you couldn’t tell… we LOVE to Re-use jewelry

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Re-use is often confused with recycling, but they are really quite different. Re-use in the broadest sense means any activity that lengthens the life of an item. Recycling, on the other hand, is use of energy or resources to reprocess an item into a new raw material for use in a new product. Re-use is nothing new. What is new is the need to Re-use.

Buying from AB&L, is a way to reuse something special. It is also achieved by attending to maintenance and repair, as well as by designing in relation to reuse. Every piece of Jewelry is carefully inspected, fine-tuned, cleaned and polished before going into our display cases. Satisfaction is Guaranteed for Life … just ask any of our satisfied customers!

 AB&L also carries the latest in fashion such as men’s tungsten-carbide rings, halo-mounted engagement rings, Pav’e accent, channel set, and Princess cut diamond rings. And remember ,AB&L’s diamonds are quality, not junk.