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Heirloom Jewelry

Making the most of your Heirloom Jewelry
Baby Boomers share one common quality and that is an appreciation for family heirlooms. They have attachments to previous generations and the goods they valued (for both sentimental and monetary reasons). They appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness of goods that aren’t mass-produced. Each generation wants to make a mark on this world and Boomers want things to pass on to their kids.

When it comes to dealing with our heirloom jewelry, Tad Robison of AB&L Jewelers wants to educate people. In 2007 Tad began buying broken or unwanted jewelry and coins. This lead Tad to appreciate the emotional and thoughtful process that people face when deciding whether to sell or pass on their family heirlooms. “We have many seniors who decide to sell their jewelry and give their kids the money, rather than have their heirs fight over who gets what”, Tad says. “Others come in to have their jewelry valued, cleaned or repaired so that each child receives an equal amount in value.”

Tad’s advice is to maximize the value of your jewelry pieces thru proper care, cleaning and maintenance. With the value of most jewelry escalating, it is important to know it’s value and to have it insured for loss. Home-owner policies are lacking in this regard and Tad recommends a separate jewelry policy. Consideration should also be given to updating appraisals for high-end jewelry.

Tad took over the 60-year-old family business in Midland from his father, Robert Robison, and has 42 years of sales and bench experience. Tad also wants seniors to be aware of what they have. “There can be great value in jewelry what some folks think is costume or worthless because it is broken. With high prices for precious metals, you might just be surprised.” His advice is to get a free verbal evaluation. So, to summarize, “thar is gold in them-thar jewelry boxes”.