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How AB&L Started

Fifty years ago Robert Robison pulled himself up with his boot straps and started a small jewelry store with his life savings. Robert was a focused and determined man who made hard work, honesty, and integrity the core of his business. As a man of his word, he completed repair jobs as promised and was compelled to sell only quality jewelry.

In 1975 son Blake graduated from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA), and as a gemologist brought a freshness and creativity to the jewelry business. Robison’s Fine Jewelry became well known for their fabrication of unique custom items.

In 1979 son Tad brought his business management skills to the organization. The family business continued to flourish while still adhering to the core principles the Robert had passed on to his sons.

The Robisons became aware of changes in the jewelry business as the “Big Box” jewelry chains began to expand. Suddenly the Robisons noted the amount of cheap and poor quality jewelry that was coming on the market.

With the proliferation of TV and internet sales, the Robison boys decided to take an innovative approach. In 2005 they saw that the economy was changing. Asset Brokers and Loans (AB&L) was the Robison’s answer to the craziness that had beset the jewelry business.

AB&L now operates as an upscale asset broker, liquidator, and loans money on jewelry. AB&L assists customers by giving them an outlet to sell their unwanted or broken jewelry.

Consequently, thousands of jewelry items pass through AB&L’s hands. Using years of experience and gemology skills, AB&L picks out the finest, quality items for resale. There is no such thing as a used diamond. Would you want to own the Hope Diamond?

The rest of the success story is yet to unfold.